Warm greetings to all my kababayan and Mabuhay! As we celebrate on November 22-23, 2011 the feast of our patron Saint Clement and the Higantes Festival, may we all work hard and tap our spirit of volunteerism to make this festivity orderly, peaceful and truly reflective of our town’s soul as the haven of artists and creativity.

We consider today the image of “Higante” as the symbol of our collective effort to drumbeat the town’s huge and significant contribution, especially in local governance as well as the national cultural and arts scene.

This “giant and exemplary” development is anchored on our strategy of localizing and replicating the MDGs or Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations, which provide a framework in making sure that human development reaches everyone by 2015., were adopted by world leaders in the year 2000 and set to be achieved by 2015.

The eight MDGs break down into 21 quantifiable targets that are measured by 60 indicators. They include the following: eradicate extreme poverty and hunger; achieve universal primary education; promote gender equality and empower women; reduce child mortality; improve maternal health; combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases; ensure environmental sustainability; and a global partnership for development.

We worked hard and our effort has paid off.

Recently, Angono was recognized as the “Asean Culture Capital.” Our town has been a recipient also of the Galing Pook Award for our “Sa Turismo Aangat ang Bayan ng Angono” development strategy. This is the highest award which the Philippine President gives to outstanding local government unit. We also received the Cleanest and Greenest Municipality award in the province and belong to the Hall of Fame roster in the Provincial and Regional Search for Outstanding Municipal Peace and Order Council.

Amid these achievements, the challenge for us is to double our efforts in order to achieve greater heights and prove that we truly deserve these awards and accolades.

Let us show to our guests that we are united by our shared love and appreciation of our town’s culture, arts and tradition known for being the haven of artists and oasis of “higante” or excellence. Let our rich culture, arts and tradition serve as our instrument as we joined hands with the people of the world in achieving the Eight (8) Millennium Development Goals.

With our unfaltering commitment to work collectively, our Angono Dream is possible. Let us join hands as we move towards success.

Happy fiesta! Long live the people of Angono! Long live the Higantes Festival! Viva San Clemente! LET US ALL KEEP MOVING!