Mayor Gerardo V. Calderon recently launched his strategy on creative economy which aims to provide income to inmates of the municipal jail and volunteers.

These "higantitos" are sold for P250 per set.

In an interview, Mayor Calderon said the “Paminto or Pasalubong Center” that sells “higante” miniatures and paper mache, t-shirts, mugs, and other Angono souvenir items will empower the inmates and volunteers.
Angono’s “Paminto Center” is temporarily located at a makeshift hut in the municipal grounds.  Calderon, however, said the template of the center has been drawn already where it will be housed in a larger office.
“Para yung mga balikbayan natin o yung mga turista, may mabibilhan silang souvenir sa mas murang halaga. At the same time, dahil mga volunteer at eventually yung mga inmates sa jail ang gagawa nitong mga souvenir, magkakaroon din sila ng dagdag na pagkakakitaan,” Mayor Calderon said.
There are around 1,000 volunteers working for the municipality of Angono who receive an allowance from P500-P2,500 monthly.
Mayor Calderon added that this creative innovation is one way of localizing the UN Millennium Development Goals, which is to alleviate poverty. (Richard R. Gappi)