MANILA — Ten Philippine embassies around the world will be shut down this year, learned Tuesday.

An official of the Department of Foreign Affairs refused to name the Philippine diplomatic posts, saying not all host countries have been told of the plan and a premature identification of these embassies might sour the Philippines’ relationship with them

“The primary reason is the cost. We’ve put up embassies in these countries to stimulate trade and investments, but the numbers are still the same. It’s not cost-effective anymore,” said the DFA official, who asked not to be named for

Filipino diplomats and their staff who will be affected by the closures will be transferred to other posts that need more personnel.

The DFA official cited the enormous needs for personnel at the Philippine embassies in the Middle East, particularly in Saudi Arabia, which hosts more than one million overseas Filipino workers.

The Philippine embassies in host countries conduct regular consular activities like issuing passports, marriage licenses and certificates, and other documents. These diplomatic posts also help in the repatriation of Filipinos in times of crises in the host countries.

/Manda Icasiano, Angono Dream News