Consistent with Angono’s vision as the Art Capital of the Philippines, characterized by a clean, healthy, peaceful and orderly community, and as a prosperous, just and humane society with the blessings of God Almighty, Mayor Gerry Calderon recently signed the Executive Order No. 2012-01, implementing and observing the proper dress code in all public places in Angono, Rizal.

This is in line with the municipality’s drive towards orderliness, propriety and discipline to bring about an atmosphere of decency, and uphold the highest morals among Angonians.

By virtue of the local chief executive’s power vested by law, Mayor Gerry outlined the following order, as follows:

  1. All person must be properly and decently attired while moving about in public places within the Municipality of Angono;
  2. No person shall move about (i.e., walk, jog, run, or the like) in public places and outside his/her private residence in topless attire;
  3. Market vendors/sellers, whether in government-owned or privately owned markets, must be attired as follows:
    1. T-Shirt, Blouse or any top apparel with sleeves;
    2. Pants or Skirt;
    3. Shoes, sandals or step-in or slippers; and
    4. Apron, for vendors in the wet section and carinderia.

Thus, the following dressing/manner of dressing by vendors/sellers in the market sites are STRICTLY PROHIBITED:

  1. Going topless or half-naked;
  2. Wearing shorts / short shorts;
  3. Wearing sando or any sleeveless shirt/blouse;
  4. Wearing dirty or tattered clothes.

The said Executive Order was signed last January 16, 2012 and implemented and took effect immediately.