WITH news of Blessed Pedro Calungsod paintings coming out, it may come as a surprise for many that he was a bit of an artist himself.
According to Clarke Nebrao, research shows that from 1666 to 1668, a young Calungsod stayed at the St. John the Baptist parish in Taytay, Rizal where he cultivated his passion for the arts as he learned how to draw and paint.

Nebrao, the head for promotions and merchandise for Calungsod’s canonization, also shared that this historical blip is the basis for asking Angono artists to do a set of paintings of Calungsod.

He explained that during the 15th century, Angono and Taytay were part of the larger Politico Militar Distrito de Morong, which also included Manila, Makati, Cainta and Pasig.

This was further corroborated by Angono Mayor Gerardo Calderon who, during a meeting with the Angono artists yesterday, said during Calungsod’s time, Angono and Taytay were connected by a huge river and people traveling to Taytay from the other parts of the Distrito de Morong had to go through Angono on boat.

Jan Blanco of the famous Blanco family of artists said that he felt “honored” and “blessed” to learn that the young martyr Calungsod shared his passion for the arts.

Also a lay minister at St. Clement parish in Angono, Blanco shared that he wished to capture 

Calungsod in the last moments before his martyrdom, preaching to a group of locals.

Like the rest of his family members, Blanco is trained in the artistic style of realism.

In collaboration with the National Commission for the Canonization of Pedro Calungsod, some 50 to a 100 Angono artists will be coming out with 50 to 70 paintings of Calungsod by the first week of September, showing different aspects of his life and death.


by: Nirva’ana Ella Dela Cruz / The Manila Times (Published on 19 August 2012)

Online source: http://www.manilatimes.net/index.php/sunday-times/the-sunday-times-magazines/122-spirituality/29236-blessed-pedro-calungsod-was-an-artist-in-angono