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Information, educational and communication (IEC) materials are the most  important component of mass communication or public information campaigns.  Their effectiveness depends on the nature of the materials and their combination with other communication techniques, such as face-to-face education.


  • Printed IEC materials can be assessed for suitability, simplicity of language, effectiveness of message and numerous other factors.  A single, printed IEC item is unlikely to broadcast a message effectively; a variety of printed IEC materials is usually required.


  • The effectiveness of any IEC material is subjective to some degree.  Some people prefer IEC materials they can reference privately, but highly visible materials — such as posters in public places — are also necessary to raise general awareness of an issue.


  • In addition to printed materials, mass media communication and community awareness events, the success of any campaign may also hinge on identifying champions within the local community. These individuals will be best-placed to tailor IEC materials and training sessions to the needs of local populations.


MANDA ICASIANO, Public Information Office | Municipal Government of Angono

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