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Mayor Gerry Calderon identified the construction of Angono’s Eco-Park and cheaper cost of dredging the Angono River as two of his most significant projects.

Photo shows some of Mayor Gerry’s current and future projects involving physical rehabilitation of Angono, Rizal.

 In a report during the Peace and Order Council recently, Mayor Gerry noted that the former garbage transfer station area has been developed and actually gained recognition.
Earlier, a United Nations Organization watchdog commended the Municipality of Angono, Rizal for its remarkable steps in achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in terms of environmental sustainability.
The MDG Achievement Fund cited Angono for its admiring waste management program and for constructing the Angono Eco-Park, which consists of segregation area, dog pound, transfer station area and canal.
The MDG Achievement Fund is an international cooperation mechanism whose aim is to accelerate progress on the MDGs worldwide. It was established in December 2006 and supports national governments, local authorities and citizen organizations in their efforts to tackle poverty and inequality.
The award, signed by UN Resident Dr. Jacqui Badcock and League of Municipalities president Strike Revilla, was received by Mayor Gerry Calderon on February 10 at the University of the Philippines.
Meanwhile, Mayor Gerry explained that dredging the Angono River was less expensive under his watch.
“The previous administration spent worth P1M for dredging 400 meters while in year 2011, we had dredged 4,000 meters amounting to P4M only. The saving was achieved because of the ‘bayad lupa scheme’ a private – public partnership,” Mayor Gerry said, quoting the report of the Engineering Office.
Mayor Gerry also emphasized the Techno-Demo Farm and Gulayan Bayan project in Mahabang Parang, which is part of his Upland Development Program or “Sagip-Bundok, Sagip-Buhay” campaign.
The project aims to protect and preserve the remaining vegetation in the upland area as well as stop building structures in areas both covered and uncovered by Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP).The project is managed by Dr. Alejandro Medina, officer-in-charge of the Municipal Agriculture Office.

A component also of this project is disallowing further development of subdivisions.
Other major physical rehabilitation projects of Mayor Gerry include the operational Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) located at Sitio Labahan, Brgy. San Isidro, Angono, Rizal and managed by former Councilor Danny de Guzman, renovation of the Lakeside Park,  and the construction of the “Malakas and Maganda” sculpture in front of the municipal building.
The MRF produces cement out of the recycled materials such as garbage and plastic, which were eventually given for free or sold lower than the existing price in the market.
The Lakeside Park, on the other hand,  is a favorite jogging and leisure area of many Angono residents, where the Angono scene at dusk is better than the Manila Bay sunset.
Report by Richard Gappi
Photo by Manda Icasiano

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